Affordable Health Care

Your employees depend on having the right benefits, and so does your business

Rising out-of-pocket costs have employees turning to voluntary insurance and to employers who offer it.
Coverage your employees already want 60 percent of employees wish their company offered voluntary. Give them the provider who ranks #1 in U.S. Worksite/Voluntary Sales.
It’s as easy as adding a new payroll deduction. After that, there’s no direct cost to you.
In today’s healthcare climate, benefits matter. It makes more sense than ever before — even if you don’t offer major medical. What better reason to choose the #1 voluntary provider?
Affordable Health Care Advantages:

  • No Direct Costs

  • Boost Benefit Packages/li>

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Are your employees concerned about the cost of Hospitalization?

Rightly so—a hospital stay, even a short one, can be very expensive. Even with the best major medical insurance, the entire hospital bill probably won’t be covered. And what about things major medical insurance was never intended to cover, like transportation and meals for family members, help with child care or time away from work? Often it’s those unexpected expenses that add up quickly and force your employees to dip into their savings or borrow. Our supplemental policy is designed to provide your employees with cash benefits during a covered hospitalization.
As health care costs continue to rise, it’s easy to see why our supplemental insurance policy makes sense. We can’t take all the uncertainty out of your hospital stay, but we can help make some of the costs a little more manageable.

Advantages of Affordable Health Care Plans

Filling in the blanks:Health care costs are increasing, even with Health Care Reform. Most Americans aren’t ready to take on that financial burden. Our policy fills in the blanks between rising hospital care costs and the amount major medical insurance covers.

Hospital Benefits: Your employees’ major medical insurance may not cover the entire hospital bill or pay for certain expenses that occur if they’re hospitalized. Our supplemental pays benefits to help pay for costs associated with a hospital stay due to a covered illness or injury.

No deductibles, copayments, or network restrictions: Unlike most major medical insurance, our supplemental has no copayments or deductibles. Also, your employees’ major medical coverage may require them to use only healthcare providers in their approved network. With Aflac, your employees can choose their own healthcare provider.

Cash Benefits:Aflac pays cash benefits directly to your employees, unless otherwise assigned, regardless of any other insurance they may have. Your employees can use the cash to help pay for out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered by their major medical insurance.



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